Are You Familiar With ValPack? Or Groupon?

Well We re Doing something very similar, Except Laser Targeted To Your Ideal Prospects & Hyper Focused On You Local Market

We Will Create and Get Your New Offer Video In Front Of
1,000's of Local Prospects a week for 30 days...
Limited Time Get a $500 Video Created. Zero Charge (with 3 month commitment 

Send ME 5-10 Pictures & schedule a 15 min. call to discus Creating your Offer


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1 Customize Your Details

Customize your Video Ad by giving a few details to help our team create the best Video Ad we can for your business 

2 Customize Your Details

Within 24 hours our top video production professionals will Produce a well scripted Video Ad & get it set up on Your Website, YouTube as well as Facebook

Your Video will show up on Google, YouTube & Facebook

One time set up fee to produce your Video ($500.00 Value) FREE

YouTube Set Up & On Page video Embed code Done for you

Don't Take Our Word For It

See What Our Customers Are Saying

Andy Cousens 

Lous Exhaust Lynn Ma

If you understand the importance of your business image then Justin Parker Marketing is the firm you should hire. They will help you create and maintain a positive image for your business. They can create and maintain your website, Facebook page.
If you want your business to be found and visited by potential clients and you understand the importance of your internet image ,then they are the firm to hire!

Larena Cotter

Circle Autobody

Circle Auto Body, Inc. hired Justin Parker Marketing to help us get more exposure in the computer world which in turn would hopefully bring in more clients. He has done everything from creating our website to making our video We have many more clients now and are highly satisfied with Justin's work. We recommend Justin highly for all of your needs.

Ad Viddy Portfolio

Have You Ever tried (& Failed ) Using Groupon or Val-Pack or something similar?
You are NOT alone. They are both Great business and  great Ideas When Done Properly, It works very well..
The reason Most Groupon Campaigns Dont work for the majority of people is the same reason their marketing strategy does not work very Consistently.. THEY DO NOT COLLECT EMAILS & They DO NOT Follow UP with Customers..
Pretty much that's what it comes down to. When You Look at it, That is Groupon's entire business model. In The fact they command about 50-60% on every customer they Send You (even if they LIVE IN YOUR BACKYARD) Depending on your negotiating skill) But their ENTIRE Business relies On Email.
in fact, Id bet the companies that Do well with Val-Pack & Groupon Collect every email & make it a point to follow up consistently with offers
Not To Worry, IT is a common mistake that Busy Business Owners Make all the time
Similar to how a-lot Of business owners Dont Post consistently to their Facebook fan page - I see SOme companies go 30, 60 90 days without posting anything 
Whats Worse is a-lot of time When they do get around to posting, They get low engagement because the people That Did Like Their Page, in the past just have not heard from them in a month or three. 
this is a cycle that s easy to break by deploying a  simple strategy. it takes a little bit of effort, BUT is Going to be worth it when it you consider  that You are building a solid foundation, NOT just on Social media for your business; But also With Email, Solidifying your relationship with your clients in the future (where having text & email is going to be far more important than it already is) especially as social media sites clamp down on certain people, what happens if your perfect prospects gets banned for 30 days for whatever reason?  IF your prospects lose their accounts & You Dont have a back up plan to reach them like text or  email, then that becomes a problem. So Dont Wait, 
 If either of these two problems sound remotely familiar, e-Mail: 
I help local Businesses Owners (Like you) Safeguard their reputation on important websites online critical to their Success & Help collect a database of paying customers that are receptive to your messages because your are NOT abusing the PRIVILEGE to contact them.
I can Help you solve All three problems & help YOU Maximize your Entire Ad Budget by utilizing the power of email in your business when done properly.
I am so confident I will put my $ where y mouth is
For a limited time We will create a FREE 30 second video for you to market On Local Media websites Video Ad Networks Or YouTube/Facebook or All Three
I will create your offer if you send me 5-10 pics and we discuss your offer over the phone (Just book a 15 minute call)Ill set up the accounts & when you approve the Ad, We will run it TO Your ideal audience Withing a 5-10 mile radius Local To Your office for 3 months on your choice of Network YouTube, Facebook or Local Media Video Ad Networks (Usually The same sites that you pay a premium to market to Through Facebook, Locally it is  about 2/3 the price per video view to go directly through the syndication network)

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